EPISODE 44 ~ FIND YOURS: Boy Scouts: Find Money For Your Favorite Scout Troop

Hundreds or even thousands of boy scout and cub scout troops across the country are owed unclaimed money.  That is our find yours topic for today.

Many thanks to the Bryan on Scouting blog, where I first spotted this information.  I have told you before how to search for unclaimed money for religious groups, charities and schools.  I hadn’t thought to look for scouts.  But now I have and this is great inspiration for anyone who’s been putting off a search for themselves or an organization they’re involved with.

I chose to search the state of California unclaimed money database because it’s one of the only ones that tells you, right online, how much unclaimed money there is for somebody.  And what a bonanza!

First I typed “cubscout” as one word into the last name field and got 9 hits.  Cubscout troops in Vacaville, Santee and Pasadena California each have $100 worth of unclaimed money.  Troop 301 in Fresno California has a total of 6 unclaimed money accounts with the state!

Then I typed in cub. scout.  Two words and I got another 10 pages worth of results.  That’s a good reminder to always try every different spelling of your name or the group’s name  Using the separate words cub and scout, I found unclaimed money for boys in California from A to Z, literally!  —Alameda to Tarzana.

Next, still on JUST the California site, I tried a search for boyscout —all one word— and got 5 hits.  Then, I tried the proper spelling, with boy and scout as separate words and got another 11 pages of unclaimed money listing and each page contains 25 accounts!

And some of those accounts are BIG!  For example, in 5 minutes of searching, I found out that General Electric turned over $2,500 for the Boy Scouts of America.  And Troop 223 in Pacific Palisades California is owed $3,535!

Here’s an idea: If you lead a boy scout or cub scout troop, why not assign your boys this project as a way to earn a merit badge?  Have them search MissingMoney.com and unclaimed.org, just as I did and see how many different unclaimed money accounts they can find for their fellow scouts?

Of course, Easy Money is an equal opportunity podcast, so on another show soon, I will search for unclaimed money for GIRL scouts and let you know what I find!

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