Episode 4~ GUEST POST: How Can You Create Successful Online Courses?

Teaching online has become a fantastic way to build passive income, and I’ve been able to turn it into my main source of income. Here are my top 3 tips for building an audience and finding success in teaching online.

1. Commit to Creating New Content Regularly
A single class may get a great response in the first few months, and even make you a decent amount of money, but eventually enrollments are going to taper off. Posting new, high-quality courses regularly will create a steady flow of income and organically build an audience for your content.

2. Do Your Research
By researching classes that have already found success, you can also become successful. Find out why a class has (or hasn’t) performed well. Model your classes off of what has already proved to be successful. And don’t be afraid to teach on a topic that’s already been taught; Maybe your method for grilling the perfect burger is better than the other 50 best-ever techniques. Students are interested in seeing multiple techniques for the same type of project.

3. Don’t Just Teach How, Teach Why
The difference between online tutorials and high-quality online courses is the difference between how and why. If you just give your students step-by-step instructions on how to complete a project, without any explanation of your thought process, they’ll never be able to apply what you are teaching to other projects. Instead, if you teach the students why you’re taking the steps you are, and why another approach isn’t a good idea, they’ll learn how to think for themselves and become better at their craft.

Follow those three tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful online teacher!

By Jake Bartlett, Online Instructor

Jake Bartlett, Online Instructor

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