EPISODE 39 ~ GUEST POST: Travel: Secret Tips That Will Help You Score The Lowest Hotel & Travel Rates

In today’s modern era there are few things that don’t have a set sticker price. Hotel rooms are one of the things where it is still a bargainer’s market. Hotels have an entire elaborate system where they can target the high prices from some individuals and bring in the low prices to fill the rest of the room. An empty room is only wasted money right? Well in this blog posts we are going to go over some of the industry secrets to secure a hotel room for the best price.

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Bio:  Doron Nadivi is the Chief Marketing Officer of Pruvo, which was a natural fit for him since the company combines two things that he is passionate about: traveling and saving money.  Doron is the author of 2 books (under a pen name) regarding how to travel on a budget.  He is also a public speaker to multinational companies in Latin America about the same topic.  Doron recently co-produced with ex-CNN journalist Glenda Umaña the first ever TV show in Spanish about “How to lower travel costs using technology” which will air in the upcoming weeks in all of Latin America.

LINK: www.pruvo.net/

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