EPISODE 34 ~ GUEST BLOG: Are You Thinking About Becoming An Egg Donor?

Courtesy of Extraordinary Contraceptions

At Extraordinary Conceptions, we know that egg donations truly make a difference in the lives of others. We work with future parents around the world who are trying to conceive a child but can’t do it without the help of an egg donor like yourself. These parents are looking for potential egg donors who may physically resemble themselves in some way such as hair color, facial features, or blood type. Aside from physical characteristics, they may also be looking for ways in which the donors reflect themselves; artistic, compassionate, humorous, and well educated. Because we help such a diverse group of parents, we are looking for all types of women who are willing to become egg donors.

Maybe you know someone who struggled with infertility and needed the help of an egg donor to become a parent. If so, then you know how heartbreaking and difficult it can be for people who are unable to conceive on their own. Your egg donation can be a very rewarding experience not only for the parents, but for yourself. Becoming an egg donor gives you the opportunity to learn more about your own genetics and fertility through the testing and screening process that you may not know otherwise. Egg donors learn the outcome from their egg donation, which brings the experience full circle. While most egg donations are anonymous, in some cases there are “known donations” where the egg donor and parents may even stay in contact for future updates. And of course, all of our egg donors are generously compensated for their time.  If travel is required, all travel is paid upfront plus per diem. We also have opportunities for international travel.

Is egg donation right for you?

Please take a few minutes to read the information in our Donor Center and related sections and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding egg donation or our program. If you’re ready to apply now, please click HERE to go to our Egg Donor Application. The basic egg donor requirements are listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Requirements To become an Egg Donor:

? A healthy woman between the ages of 18-29

? BMI of 27 or less (height & weight proportionate)

? A non-smoker and not using recreational drugs

Additional Considerations:

? College is beneficial, but not necessary

? Must be willing to complete medical & psychological testing

? Must be willing to take a series of injectable medications

? Must be willing to undergo outpatient surgical procedure for actual egg retrieval

? The entire process from time of selection by future parent to egg donation is typically 60-90 days

If you feel you meet these basic requirements, please apply to take the next step in becoming a donor and helping out parents in need. Compensation for egg donation starts at $5,000 plus additional benefits and support. If travel is required, all travel is paid upfront plus per diem. We also have opportunities for international travel.

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