EPISODE 33 ~ FIND YOURS: Parking Tickets: Check Out San Francisco’s Method Of Refunding Overpaid Or Duplicate Parking Tickets

The City of San Francisco has unclaimed money for citizens and visitors who overpaid or paid duplicate parking tickets!

And that means other cities or counties could too!  People overpaid San Francisco a total of 600-thousand dollars between 1995 and 2014.  Oops!  My hometown really blew it this time.  Some citizens are owed just 20 bucks but others are due hundreds of dollars!  The City by the Bay is pretty aggressive with parking tickets.  I know my husband and I got one when we visited a couple of years ago.  So whether you live, work or visit San Francisco, think back to if you’ve EVER paid a parking ticket there, and if so, I recommend checking to see if you’re owed money.  The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is handling this and you can check the SFMTA website for your name.   Note that names are in the middle column of the spreadsheet, which is weird, so don’t miss it.  And consider this your heads up that if this happened in San Francisco, it could happen elsewhere.  Get a lot of parking tickets for whatever reason?  Google the name of the jurisdiction and the words “overpaid parking ticket” or similar and see if there’s money out there for YOU.

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