EPISODE 32 ~ SAVE MORE: Buy Gift Cards: Why Pay Cash When You Could Buy A Discounted Gift Card, Instead?

Our save more topic for today, which may sound familiar if you’ve read the Make More blog post because now I want to talk about how you can SAVE money by BUYING People’s unwanted gift cards!

Yes!  Why pay cash at a store, when you could, instead, buy a discounted gift card to that store?

cardpool.com and raise.com are the 2 websites I mentioned earlier where people buy and sell gift cards.  Rest assured that both of them offer customer guarantees.  They vary but the essence of them is that the gift card you buy WILL be legit or your money back.

So knowing, that… Let me give you some ideas of the savings that are possible by buying gift cards.  I just went to these sites to look around and spotted the following offers:

Let’s start with some of the smaller savings because the stores are popular so their cards aren’t discounted much. 

—4 percent off a Home Depot gift card.

—2 percent off of Macy’s.

—3 percent at Dick’s sporting goods.

OK, so small savings there, but every bit helps.  Now some bigger discounts on gift cards:

—Fandango, the movie theaters, 12.5 percent off. And Regal Cinemas 14 percent off.

—Applebee’s restaurants 14 percent off.  CHili’s 16 percent off.

—Jiffy Lube 16 percent off. 

—and finally, Ikea, 10 percent off.

These are some solid deals.  And then, if you’re a super saver, you will also shop sales and use coupons to TRIPLE your savings!  Let me know how it goes!

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