EPISODE 31 ~ FIND YOURS: Local Governments: Check Out This Town That’s Helping Citizens Find Their Missing Money

Let’s talk about our find yours topic for today: local governments that are doing a good job of letting people know about their unclaimed money.

Because, after all, it’s YOUR money, not their money.  Some governments have tried to shorten the amount of time until an account is considered unclaimed to just ONE year, so that banks and brokerages have to turn the money over to them and they can USE it!  Booo!  Other have tried to pass laws saying that if citizens don’t claim their money within 10 years, the state gets to keep it.  Double boo!

So, I think it’s a good idea to tip our hats to the good guys that are doing all they can to help reunite YOU with YOUR money.  I’m going to do this every so often on Easy Money.  This time I want to highlight the City of Lake Forest, California.  Lake Forest put a page front and center on its own website where its residents can search for unclaimed money held by the State of California, which hasn’t always been so good about returning peoples’ money. 

Lake Forest citizens AND businesses can search on this new page by using an interactive map or searching by name and address.  If they find something, they can click a link right there and then to claim their money.

Now THAT’s easy unclaimed money.  

  Kudos, Lake Forest!

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