EPISODE 30 ~ FIND YOURS: Unclaimed Money: Discover Where Missing Money Holds Big Accounts

The average unclaimed money claim is 800-something dollars, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Money Administrators, which is nice.  But there are MUCH bigger unclaimed money accounts out there and REAL people DO benefit from them.  I want YOU to be next! 

Here’s some inspiration:

•The state of Vermont has unclaimed money for more than 400-thousand people and one of those accounts is worth $684,098!

•A Kansas TV station teamed up with the Kansas State Treasurer to get the word out about unclaimed money and in just 6 hours, they were able to return $31,000 to a family that had no idea the money was sitting out there waiting for them.

•The State of Virginia is holding more than 2-billion dollars worth of unclaimed money and recently returned a 6-figure sum to a home owner’s association.  Apparently a past board member invested in CDs for the association, then moved away without leaving good records for his successors.  Now the money is back where it belongs.

•And one more: The state of West Virginia returned $290,353.15 to a 90-year-old woman named Louise a few weeks ago.  The money was from stocks her late husband had owned.

So how about you?  Could there be a BIG unclaimed money account languishing out there in your name?  Go to the free websites missing money.com or unclaimed.org —that second one is dot org— to find out.  And PLEASE, let me know if you find something so other journalists can do stories about how the Easy Money Podcast found somebody big money!

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