EPISODE 29 ~ MAKE MORE: Online Reviews: Review Videos From Anywhere To Make Extra Cash

Many thanks to Refinery29, where I first spotted this unique money-maker.  Here’s how it works: you sign up with a website like DScout.com.  DScout stands for Digital Scout and does opinion research for brands.  Brands post questions they need consumer opinion on and you can apply to do the job.  What makes DScout different is that you give your opinion via video.  Nothing fancy.  Just the built-in video camera and mic on your phone.  Here’s a sample job available on DScout right now:

“Do you enjoy shopping for packaged snacks? What are your go-to places to stock up? We are looking for scouts who can tell us all about where and how they go about purchasing packaged snacks! Selected scouts will be asked to walk us through their shopping experiences…”

The site says this task will take just 4 minutes and if you get some experience doing this, you probably can.  A California woman told Refinery29 that she usually submits 30 second to 2 minute videos.  For that, she makes $50 to $150 bucks.  DScout pays via Paypal.

You can do these jobs from  home or from wherever you are, if you’re out of town.  So that’s one site requesting video reviews.  Interestingly, one way to find out about more opportunities like this is Pinterest.  Or just do a quick web search.  I did and came up with another video review site called VoxPopMe.  Just be sure to check reviews of any job-related site before you get too far along in the process.  Hey, can you find and vet some other sites and share them with the class?  I’m intrigued by this area and would love to hear more!

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