EPISODE 28 ~ GUEST BLOG: Where’s My Refund: Download The Earny App To Get Your Money Back When Prices Drop

By Dori Yona, co-founder and COO of Earny

Heard of price protection? Neither have 97 percent of Americans. Most people don’t know this, but most retailers and credit cards offer price protection. This means that if you buy something and the price drops, retailers and/or credit card issuers should refund you the difference. Most people also don’t know that customers are buying the same items, at the same store, at the same time AND they are paying different prices!

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Guest Name: Dori Yona

Guest Title: Co-founder and COO of Earny

Guest Contact: Earny Website

Guest Bio: Born in Israel, but raised in the Silicon Valley. I served in the Israeli Navy as a commander of battle ships and commander of platoon of ships. I commanded and led more than 10 battle ships and 150 soldiers on complex missions and achieved great accomplishments. Since leaving the Israeli Defense Force, I gained extensive experience in the finance, credit card and consumer space. I currently lead the brains behind Earny, ensuring that every Earny users gets money back when prices drop on their purchases. I love kitesurfing, water activities and other extreme sports.

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