EPISODE 24~ GUEST BLOG: Flea Market Flip: 3 Ways To Save On Shipping When You Sell on eBay

Does shipping eBay items intimidate you? Are you afraid of losing money by quoting the wrong price? Do you really want to make an income using eBay but the shipping piece has been holding you back?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading! I want to help.

For example, just this month I had two coin-operated arcade games for sale. I was ready to clear out my garage and get rid of them, so I brought them out to our last yard sale and tagged them for $350 each. I would have taken $250 if someone would have offered it. When we didn’t sell them at the yard sale, I then posted them on eBay and sold one for $500 and one for $450 —in just 2 weeks time! One of them was picked up locally, and the other one I had to ship.

How can I ship something so large?  And how do you keep costs down, no matter what size of item you are shipping?  It actually isn’t as hard as you might think.

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Guest Name: Rob Stephenson

Guest Title: Flea Market Flipper

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Guest Bio: Rob Stephenson’s passion for buying and selling started when he was a young kid.  He has six older sisters and his mom would go to thrift stores and garage sales to find clothes and toys for them. Saturday yard sales were a big to-do at my house. His  mom would buy items for the family, but also bought things to resell and make some extra money. 

Rob married Melissa in 2007 and she quickly learned his passion for buying and selling used items. They both treated it as a hobby until their first daughter was born. Oh how kids change everything!  It’s funny what you can accomplish out of necessity.  In March 2016, their 3rd child was born and Rob made the leap to being a Flea Market Flipper full time.

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