EPISODE 23 ~ GUEST BLOG: Rover Dog Walking, Sitting and Boarding: What You Need To Get Started

By Judy Fishbaugh

6 Rules To Have In Place If You Board Dogs

1.  All dogs must be dropped off wearing a collar

2.  All dogs must be current on their vaccinations

3.  No boarding if your dog is known to fight other dogs

4.  Determine the size, temperament before booking

5.  All clients need to bring their own dogs’ belongings and supplies

6.  You must respect clients and their pets

10 Things You Need in Order To to Be A Rover Dog Boarder

  1. A spacious yard is a nice feature if you have it.  Must be fully enclosed.
  2. separate spaces in case dogs need to be separated
  3. Same-length leashes

4.  Dog toys to keep them busy

5.  Treats to make them happy

6.  Wee Wee pads…

7.  Individual Bins for storing the dogs’ possessions

8.  A good way of keeping track of your schedule

9.  Patience

10.  Lots of Love

Guest Name: Judy Fishbaugh

Guest Title: Rover Dog Boarder

Guest Contact: rover.com/sit/JUDY1

Guest Bio: Judy Fishbaugh was a longtime textile designer when the economy tanked in 2008 and she was downsized.  She grew up on a farm and had always loved animals.  She discovered the Rover website and app and has made a full-time living boarding dogs ever since.

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