EPISODE 20~ GUEST BLOG: Sell Your Music: How To Make Money Composing Stock Songs

By Evan Barrett

With the cost of home music studios coming down dramatically, millions of musicians have gained access to an affordable way to record their music.

At the same time, this digital revolution leads to more new video content created each day than you could watch in a lifetime. From podcasts to Youtube, from Netflix to Snapchat Stories, all of this new content needs background music.

And that’s where stock music comes in. Stock music is affordable music written to fill this growing need.

Because videographers can’t legally take an existing song and put it in their videos, a whole marketplace has opened up for songwriters like you and me to license our songs consistently.

I should know, I’ve been making hundreds of dollars a month in passive income doing it!

Here are the basics:

First you write and record good music – but it does not need to be a Billboard Platinum hit. In fact, the best selling songs seem to be those that convey a consistent emotion (joy, sorrow, excitement).

Second, you register with a stock music site like AudioJungle, Songtradr, or Pond 5 (my recommendation for beginners). Then you upload your tracks there.

Third, in order for people to find your songs, the most important thing to do is to spend a lot of time thinking about how you tag each song with keywords (you can download a free guide to keyword tagging here).

Finally, you’re going to want to rinse and repeat. To start earning consistent money, you need to upload hundreds of tracks.

But trust me when I say that there is no feeling as good as knowing that your music is out there getting heard – and that people value it enough to pay for it!

Guest Bio: Evan Barrett

Evan is an attorney by day —and Barrett’s his middle name, not his last name— but side hustles as a musician by night. He’s earned thousands of dollars in passive income through music licensing, and his songs have been used by clients like NPR and Verizon. He’s passionate about teaching other musicians how to license their music.

To learn how to license your music, visit www.stockmusicmusician.com.

Guest Contact: Evan Barrett

Website: www.stockmusicmusician.com

Music: www.productiontrax.com/profile.php?id=11478

Twitter: @stockmusicmuscn

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