EPISODE 16 ~ MAKE MORE: Home Improvement: Certain Paint Colors Can Help Your House Sell for Thousands More

Real estate website zillow.com says you can make thousands more dollars when you sell your house if it’s painted certain popular colors.  Paint is cheap, so it might even be worth it to change the color!

Zillow found that homes with cool, neutral walls sell for more compared to other colors. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, think hard about the color and consider these incredibly detailed stats Zillow came up with:

•Painting your kitchen a blue-gray pastel can help you sell your home for $1,809 more.

•Neutral beiges, oatmeals, and browns in the living room garnered a $1,926 premium.

•Bedrooms with shades of cadet blue sell for $1,856 more than expected.

•And veer away from the typical white walls in your dining room and go with a slate blue or pale gray to sell for an additional $1,926.

• Interestingly, mellow colors were better than no color at all, as white bathrooms can cause homes to sell for $4,035 less than other homes.

•And get this: while we’re in the bathroom, light blues and periwinkles help houses sell for an amazing $5,440 more than expected. 

Tweaking the outside of your home can also help you sell for more than you’d expect:

•Homes with an exterior between beige and gray sold for $3,496 more compared to similar exterior colors such as a soft brown or tan stucco. 

•And the finishing touch to prepare your home for the market could be a touch of color on the front door. Dark navy blue doors helped sell homes for $1,514 more.

Bottom line: Whites aren’t good.  And vibrant colors that are overly specific aren’t either.  Cool, neutral colors seem to attract a wide range of buyers and rule the day!  Here is a link to Zillow’s full article.

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