EPISODE 15 ~ FIND YOURS: Credit Unions: How To Search The National Credit Union Administration For Missing Money

One of our Easy Money listeners recently left me a voicemail concerning her own unclaimed money.

Hi, this is Olivia.  I’ve been listening to your stories about unclaimed money, but I haven’t been able to find my own unclaimed money even though I know it’s out there somewhere.  I used to have an account at a credit union in my home town in Pennsylvania, but the credit union went out of business while I was away for college.  How can I find my money from that account now that the credit union doesn’t exist anymore? 

The reason she haven’t found her unclaimed money by searching the websites I’ve given on the show in the past is that those are for unclaimed money held by the states. 

When credit unions fail, they try to reach their members and return their money, but if they can’t find them, that money eventually goes to the National Credit Union Administration, the federal agency that oversees and insures credit unions.  The NCUA has a website you can check to see if it is holding your money. 

I went to the website and looked at the list and there are pages and pages of names.  Plus the list is updated every few months.  Hopefully you’ll find yourself on the list and find your money.  Here is the link to the National Credit Union Administration’s unclaimed money page.

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