Episode 1~ GUEST POST: My Top Tips for Becoming a Top Fiverr Seller


Ryan Heenan is a video and digital marketing specialist. Unlike many marketing and branding specialists who focus on one piece of a company’s marketing strategy, Ryan takes a different approach with a focus on creative marketing. From whiteboard and explainer videos to sales funnels and Facebook ads campaigns, he can help you boost your conversions and collect more leads. From Fortune 100 companies to bestselling authors to local companies, he has worked with businesses of all sizes in many different niches. Ryan and his work have been featured in TIME Magazine, Forbes, Kiplinger’s, The LA Times, The Freakonomics Podcast, NY Daily News and More.


In a little over 5 years selling on Fiverr, I’ve made over 8,500 individual sales. It’s a crazy number to think about.
How did I pull it off? Over the years I’ve learned to create systems —Systems to deliver orders, and more importantly, systems to entice buyers to work with me.
Here are my five tips if you’re looking to become a successful seller on Fiverr.com

Tip #1: Be time-efficient
Do you want to spend 4 hours to make $5? Probably not, right? Assignments on Fiverr are called “gigs.” A time- efficient gig means your gig is something that will be easy to scale when you get busy.  Eventually you want to eliminate the “trading time for money” mentality, but if you are just starting out, set an hourly number you want to shoot for. For some people it might be higher than others.
Let’s say you decide you want to make $40 per hour. If you are selling your base gig for $10, you need to be able to do five in one hour to make this amount (Five instead of four because Fiverr takes 20%).

When I first started out my goal was to make $30 per hour. Since I was selling $5 gigs I had figured out a system to complete 7-8 gigs per hour.  The reason this is important is because when you start optimizing your gig extras (I’ll explain more in step #4), your earnings will sky rocket. When I first started out on Fiverr, my average order was $5. 7 gigs/hour = $35. Now my average is around $130 per gig, and some of my gigs take me the same amount of time as those old $5 gigs. $130×7 =$910 per hour. Better, right?

Tip #2: Create a gig that a business would want to buy
Let’s say you wrote the best and most creative Happy Birthday song in the entire world. It’s even better than the original Happy Birthday Song. If you try to sell this on Fiverr, you’ll run into a little problem. Most people aren’t on Fiverr looking for birthday songs. Sure, you’ll sell a few, but the bulk of business on Fiverr lies in…well…business! Position your gig towards businesses. I promise you’ll still get the random “fun order,” but the majority of buyers on the site are buying for commercial purposes. Make sure you’re casting your lure into a sea with a lot of fish —not into a goldfish tank!

Tip #3 : Demonstrate your gig on video
Forrester Research says that 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words. So can you take a guess why demonstrating your gig on video is important? Even if your gig has nothing to do with a video, you still need to showcase your offering on video. Film it on your phone or —better yet—hire a Fiverr seller to make a video for you.
Video not only increases conversion rates but it also showcases your personality. And if you have a good personality, you’ll immediately beat out more experienced sellers if you appeal to the person watching your video. For example, I made videos of myself playing different genres of music on the guitar, to promote a gig where I offered to write an original instrumental song for businesses.

Tip #4: Create a “Gateway Gig”
Remember way back in tip #1 when I talked about optimizing your gig extras?  You need to view your gig as a gateway gig. What does that mean? It means your main offering is a gateway to more offerings called “gig extras” on Fiverr. For example, if I offer a jingle as my gateway gig, my gig extras are for an instrumental version of the track, commercial rights, a video, mastering, faster delivery, etc. All of these additional offerings should be irresistible to a buyer in some way. Meaning they’ll get it faster, it will sound better, they can do more with it, etc. That’s what transforms a $5 order into a $150 order very quickly!

Tip #5: make sure the order can be filled in two days
Now…this doesn’t mean you have to deliver everything in 2 days. It just means you need to be CAPABLE of completing the order in 2 days. The reason this is important is because as a new seller you need a way to differentiate yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel, it just means you need your wheel to look a tiny bit more shiny.  For my first 2 months on Fiverr, I delivered everything in 24 hours or less. If someone was in a time pinch, I wanted to make sure I was their choice.
Fiverr has great search filters on their site and if you can deliver fast, a lot of people will see your services.

I’ve literally given you the EXACT blueprint that I used to succeed on Fiverr. There is only one thing missing. And this is the most important tip of all:

Start brainstorming ideas, write them down, set a deadline for yourself. If you don’t actually get out there and create a gig or take action, nothing I said will be relevant. This is the Easy Money Podcast. Will you go out there and be a doer and go after the easy money? Or will you sit back and make excuses? You have two options…GO!

By Ryan Heenan

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