EPISODE 5~ MAKE MORE: Where to sell your old electronics for the most money

I WANT TO TALK ABOUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY SELLING YOUR OLD, UNWANTED ELECTRONICS. Consumer Reports points out that electronics don’t age well. so don’t be like me! hurry up! Make a plan to selL your old electronics NOW. If you want to get some money out of them, the younger the better. After that, you can donate middle-aged electronics or recycle ancient ones.

Here are several resources for selling used electronics:
first up, Amazon.com. Amazon buys a wide variety of electronics, plus CDs and video games. I did a little experiment and found their offers to be some of the most generous. they pay you with am Amazon gift card.

next, Best Buy. Best Buy offers an estimator tool online that’s intuitive and easy. plus the chain has 1,500 stores in North America, so you can easily drop off your unwanted electronics, instead of procrastinating about shipping.

3rd Gazelle. Gazelle accepts mostly Apple products. apple products are like the Lexus of the electronics world because they hold their value. one thing i like here: you can choose to be paid via check, PayPal or Amazon gift card.

4th idea: BuyBackWorld. This site buys laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras and more. If you accept buybackworld’s offer, the site will send you a label for free shipping.

and finally, who knew, but Target takes used electronics: target has partnered with a company called Nextworth. this partnership also offers easy estimates online. you then choose whether to ship your item for free or take it to a participating Target store .

there are plenty of other websites for selling used electronics, but theses are some of my favorites. so what kind of money can you make? i can tell you that when i got estimates on MY fairly lame electronics from those overflowing bins of mine, these companies offered me a total of $172 not bad for 10 minutes worth of work!
In this week’s you tube video I take you to my basement and show you what products of mine sold, which didn’t, and how much i got for them.
if you have products that won’t sell, many charities take middle age electronics and actually put them to use by giving them to people in need. Here are some resources:

American Cell Phone Drive. This organization donates all types of used cell phones —or the proceeds—to local charities and you can even choose which charity your donation benefits.

Dell Reconnect. This partnership between Dell and Goodwill is the biggest of them all, accepting all brands of computers plus computer accessories in any condition. If they’re usable, Goodwill connects them with people who need them. If not, Dell recycles them.

eBay for Charity. Here you actually sell your used electronics, but then donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

or if you’ve got truly old electronics, you can still do a good deed by recycling them, so toxic components don’t end up in landfills.

Best Buy. The mega store also offers recycling options for most any kind of device with an on button. There are kiosks near store doors for small items and you can take larger things to the customer service desk.

Call2Recycle. Here’s the answer for rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Type in your zip code on their website to find a drop-off location near you.

TIA E-cycling Central. This site offers a map where you can click on your state and get a listing of recycling opportunities near you, including those offered by local cities and towns.

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