EPISODE 22 ~ MAKE MORE: Salaries: Know Others’ Job Salaries Before Asking For A Raise

On episode 19 I gave you some killer strategies for asking for a raise. But the best strategy of all is to know how much other people in your position are paid.
But how do you find out? People are usually pretty hush hush about their salaries. But there’s something about the anonymity of the internet that makes people tell all —and several websites now keep track of people’s salaries. Thanks to Amy Bergen of the Money Under 30 blog for this list.
The first is Salary.com. Now there’s an easy name to remember! salary.com provides job listings in addition to salary info.
Next up, Glassdoor.com, which has info on people’s pay and also provides space for people to gossip about what it’s like to work at different companies.
Third: PayScale.com really zooms in on the specifics of the job you’re asking about, with follow up questions about your skills and the kind of company.
Number 4: Don’t overlook the possible job search site Indeed.com because many companies publish salary ranges along with job listings.
5th, SalaryList.com lets you search by company rather than by position and verifies its info through official sources like the Department of Labor.
The best thing about number 6, SalaryExpert.com might be that it updates salary information on a daily basis.
And finally there’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a powerhouse of a government agency, that publishes an Occupational Outlook Handbook that lists salaries for tens of thousands of jobs.
Information is power. Go forth and conquer!

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