EPISODE 33 ~ MAKE MORE: Cash For College: 5 Ways To Make Extra Money to Pay Tuition

I want to talk about clever, creative ways to make more money for college.

1.  My first idea: Cooperative Education

Cooperative education, also called co-op education, involves working full time at a company while also enrolled in college. Students can earn as much as $25 per hour (That’s roughly $50k a year).  Colleges that offer Co-op education include Purdue, Cornell, University of CIncinatti and Northeastern U in Boston.

2.  Second idea: paid internships:

More companies are paying because Federal and state departments of labor, as well as prominent plaintiffs’ law firms, are getting aggressive in this area. They sue when an internship is really just unpaid work and more and more companies are deciding to pay rather than risk it.

3.  Number 3: Employer reimbursement programs

Today, there are tons of different employers that will pay for all or part of your tuition, including: Chipotle, Starbucks and Chrysler.

all recently announced expansions of, or additions to, their tuition reimbursement programs.

Number 4: Cool on-campus jobs.

You could…

•Play in the pep band.

Yes, that’s often a paying gig!

•Be a Newspaper writer or editor.

Not every college has a newspaper that pays its writers, but plenty do,

•Teach a Fitness Class.

Your college’s campus gym probably offers group fitness classes and somebody has to teach them.

•Work as an Event Caterer

Most colleges and universities have their own catering company.  I did this myself.

Do Tech Support:

Colleges have LOTS of computers and the pay for this one is usually high.

Bank Teller at the campus credit union.  Typical pay: $18/hour.

Hospital Research Assistant or Lab Assistant.  $10-20/hour.

5.  And final idea to snag money for college:

Many people don’t realize that you can apply for scholarships ALL 4 YEARS.  You can and you should. 

I hope these ideas to make money for college are helpful and on next week’s podcast I will share ways to SAVE money on your college tuition.

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