EPISODE 12 ~ FIND YOURS: Celebrities And Unclaimed Money: Which Celebrities Have Missing Money Waiting For Them?

Find unclaimed money with The Easy Money Show

Honestly, I don’t give a flip about famous people. But I DO care about convincing YOU to conduct a search. So I wanted to show you just how common it is for people —including famous people, including you— to have unclaimed money out there waiting.

Let me tell you the actors I found unclaimed money for. Ladies first:
•Blake Lively is owed $484.
•Delta Dental owes Salma Hayek $75… She does have great teeth.
•Saoirse Ronan has a whopping 17 separate unclaimed money listings!

Now a couple of actor guys: Ben Affleck does have unclaimed money, Casey Affleck doesn’t.
You notice, I’ve chosen all actors with unusual names? That’s because it’s easier and faster to search for them.
Now, let’s give it up for some Musicians:

•Beyonce. I don’t even know her last name. I just typed in Beyonce and found something and I know it’s for her because it was music-related.
•Ed Sheeran. My friend Judy is in love with him. I’m not even sure who he is, but Bank of America does and owes him more than a hundred bucks.
•I even found money for Iggy Pop and I didn’t even know that was a real name.

Let’s do a hat trick for some athletes:
Golfer Ben Hogan. Baseball player Barry Bonds.
Football player Joe Montana. They’re all missing some money. And, finally, Politicians and I’ll go back and forth across the aisle even if they won’t. Buh dum dum!:

•Nancy Pelosi could collect 4 different unclaimed money accounts for a total of $1,426 and I know it’s her because the address was the Rayburn House office building.
•Vice President Mike Pence has missing money in his home state of Indiana.
You’d think they’d know where to find him. But they don’t even try.
•BarackObama: The former president has unclaimed money in FIVE different places. Maybe he’ll have time to collect it now. DC, FL, MS, PA, and TX, Barack.

Donald Trump: Like his homes, his missing money is in New York and Florida.
Some of it is from unredeemed gift certificates.

•And finally, Bergdorf Goodman and Verizon Wireless have unclaimed funds for Hillary Clinton, listed at her Chappaqua New York address.
Only a couple of famous people who I looked up did NOT have missing money out there. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators says 1 in 10 of us is owed unclaimed money. Based on the celebrities I searched for, the stat should be much higher than that. So do a search today and let me know if you find something big or something interesting. I’m looking for lucky people to interview on the show. The first place to search for unclaimed money is the free website MissingMoney.com and the second is unclaimed.org.

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